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Athlon and Perplex have been working together since 2017. As a digital partner, Athlon expects advice and inspiration as well as digital catching up. The starting point was an extensive and international study in which the current status of the international digital branch was determined, the digital maturity of Athlon in each country was determined and the existing resources and their application determined. The idea for one simple and intuitive platform for all countries and all languages ​​was the first outcome. A platform that works for the marketer and offers inspiration and advice. A platform that naturally also meets legal and IT requirements. And a scalable international platform that makes costs, extensions and the Brand StyleGuide easier to manage. A digital platform that facilitates all current and future Athlon countries.

  • Websites 16 and counting...
  • Time to market -85% ideas are launched at lightning speed

Staying ahead together

Step 1 is a simple, intuitive and functionally rich platform in one system that works for all countries. To this end, the actual needs of all countries in which Athlon is active were mapped out. Additional goals of the new website are more efficiency, higher conversions and inspiration to keep improving. Each and every one of these pillars forms the basis for all separate parts of the project and to which reference is made during the process.

The first go-live was for Athlon International. Kick-offs soon followed to migrate all country websites. Athlon is working on its international digital position at a rapid pace.

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“This website reflects Athlon Sweden’s customer focus and commitment to excellence.”

Pernilla Carlsson - Marketing Specialist Athlon Sweden

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Team effort with a plan

At the same time, Athlon's house style evolved and Perplex translated it into a new digital brand guide. Parallel to this, the right content strategy was also developed, so that the right functionalities and content were developed and the parts on a page really contribute to Athlon's target group. The central question and focus are the challenges of the target group and the added value of Athlon in this regard. Answering these questions in the form of evidence and in an appropriate tone-of-voice ensures that the brand is presented strongly visually and substantively.

Being able to use (further) developments such as personalization, marketing automation and the offer of lease and used cars makes Athlon's multifunctional platform a sustainable investment that allows the lease company to continue to lead the way in the market. And countries learn from each other through benchmarking how they can best achieve their target groups and objectives. The sites, the digital marketers from the countries and Athlon & Perplex continue to reinforce each other.

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