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Legal and tax service provider

Dirkzwager legal & tax, the largest legal and tax service provider outside the Randstad, started sharing knowledge online in 2007. A first article was published on a knowledge website, separate from the corporate website In the years that followed, more and more Dirkzwager specialists followed this example; they wrote articles on various subjects within their own field or expertise and published these articles on separate knowledge websites.

Findability & authority

What started with a single knowledge website grew into a knowledge web of 7,500+ articles spread over more than 15 websites. All websites with valuable and interesting content, but not valuable in the right way for the online findability and authority of Dirkzwager as a legal and tax service provider. The domain had low authority and contained little substantive content. If a visitor ended up on one of the knowledge websites, he or she was not immediately able to make the link with the large law firm Dirkzwager.

Things changed drastically

A new online strategy has been launched with a number of important pillars:

  • bringing together, structuring and categorizing online knowledge (content)
  • allow the author to be in full control of their own content and provide insight into reach and value
  • optimally support visitors in finding relevant information

The renewed dirkzwager.nlĀ  was launched: an advanced knowledge platform that brings together articles, videos, publications, e-books, events, specialists, expertise, sectors and themes and connects them on the basis of content and relevance. Valuable? Hell yes! Both for the visitor and for Dirkzwager.

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With the launch of, the specialists have total control over their own online knowledge
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The effect of qualitative and relevant content

More than 92% of the visits to end up on the website without including 'Dirkzwager' in the search. And that is exactly the desired result of the content strategy. These figures show that 92% of visitors are looking for information about a subject that Dirkzwager's specialists have written about, without having determined in advance that they want to end up at Dirkzwager. This search is entered without the name of a specific law firm. Potential new business!

  • Online findability nr 1 in the top 50 law firms
  • Search without brand name 92% at

Rating and scoring of content

But how do the specialists know whether the articles they write are actually read and appreciated? Perplex developed a formula for calculating a quality score per article, based on conversions on the article page. Think of 'hard conversions' such as sharing the article via social media and contacting the specialist. But also to 'softer conversions' such as time on the page in relation to scrolling depth.

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