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Editing & Umbraco - Umbraco Poland Festival

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This year our colleague Fedosja made her debut on the stage of Umbraco Poland Festival 2019. As a project manager at Perplex, she has gained a lot of experience with the popular content management system Umbraco. The system this event in Kraków is all about.

In her presentation Fedosja created more awareness for the role of the editor in a unique way. A role she can tell more about because of her share in the design of a new platform for dirkzwager.nl. A personal authoring environment where any specialist can create, publish and manage new articles, and existing articles are reviewed and maintained. In 2018 the platform received the Umbraco award for Best Editing Experience. Curious about the tips that Fedosja shared in her presentation? Download it in this blog!

Creating a great editing experience within Umbraco

Would you like to see how editing in Umbraco can be more fun, but also how to make it easier for editors to use? Good! The 10 tips in the presentation are suitable for editors as well as programmers!

download presentation

About the author 

Fedosja has been working at Perplex for 8 years as a project manager and has been working with Umbraco for many years. In her daily work she focuses on making digital and technical solutions user-friendly. As a woman in a man’s world she loves to give a feminin touch to the Umbraco-websites that we build. All for the sake of the editor.

Having questions, ideas or just want to share your opinion about editing in Umbraco? Get in touch: fedosja@perplex.nl

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