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About Perplex

Creative thinking. Digital acting.

We are 49 Internet enthusiasts working for online results in the heart of Arnhem. In a fine work space in the centre of town we are working with internet marketers, web designers, editors and programmers... and our clients.

Regularly customers come to us for a morning of "home working". To have a chat with a cup of cappuccino, develop ideas together and coordinate details regarding websites and campaigns.

Your own team of professionals

Within Perplex we work with integral teams operating in full. We offer no departments for strategy, design, development... No contract is carried out by just one discipline and the right mix of specialists pays off. Your team, always with the same people, can get 'even better' results year after year!

Curious who you are talking to on the phone, who will be sitting at your table and who is working for your online result?

Meet the Perplex staff

Internet marketing as a starting point

Or rather: in our opinion, focus is always on the user. This means we start with getting to know your target audience. Also, web design and technology are always at the service of usability and conversion.

Think, consider, think through...

We know that a strategy only has a right to exist if its designed properly. Every one of the well-educated employees of Perplex adds value to the total picture and knows what he or she is talking about. We work in a pragmatic way and do not like unnecessary, thick reports. We prefer to surprise you with a well-thought-out and informed mock-up.

Have a look at our clients and cases

The developments in our industry are going very fast. But to us this is marvellous! We love new insights and share them with our colleagues and customers. We fly to leading congresses in Europe and the US and work together with numerous knowledge organizations. As a training partner Perplex guides upcoming talents from the Eindhoven Fontys University and interns from HAN in Arnhem.

We have been doing this for over 10 years

So, on April 9, 2016 it was about time for a party!

For once our office was transformed into a party venue, and it was a memorable evening, night, morning...
Are you wondering what it was like, or would you like to relive it? Watch the video:

Ultimately, it's the result that counts

We launch websites and campaigns we are proud of. However, it can always be better. What visitors complete the goals, what content works best and which traffic sources are most valuable? Our experienced marketers interpret data and translate it into concrete follow-up actions.