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Certifications and collaborations

We like to put our money where our mouth is and show where our expertise lies. As our client, this gives you additional security.

Perplex makes ongoing investments in acquiring and sharing knowledge. In all areas relevant to us we follow training courses and workshops at the highest level. We benchmark and work together in trade associations such as DDA and IAB. On top of that we invest in partnerships with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Google and Umbraco.

We do not just keep the knowledge we won to ourselves. We actively contribute to the training of young talent in our sector. We are a knowledge partner of Fontys University and operate within NIMA (Dutch Institute for Marketing).

Microsoft Gold partner

Perplex is a Microsoft Gold Partner in the competence "Application Development". The programmers are tested for specific knowledge and Microsoft supports Perplex where necessary.

Google certified partner

Perplex is a certified specialist concerning Google products. We work with you to determine which products are suitable for achieving your goals.

Umbraco Gold partner

Perplex actively contributes to the development and improvement of Umbraco. As a Gold Partner, we have extensive experience in the development of custom work within this open source Content Management System.

Google Adwords certified partner

Google's SEA platform offers unprecedented opportunities to reach target audiences. As a Google Partner, we monitor and test the latest developments.

Dutch Digital agencies

Perplex is a member of the trade association and knowledge organisation of the best Dutch internet agencies: DDA. Among other things, DDA maintains the interests of its members and promotes knowledge exchange.

Copernica partner

When implementing email marketing we prefer to use Copernica. As a registered partner, we know the ins and outs of this package and we can deliver custom work.

Certified Secure Programmers .NET

Where security is concerned, we are always in training. Several of our programmers are Certified Secure Programmer .NET (ECSP.NET). We also have an in-house Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Google Analytics Qualified

With Google Analytics, it is easy to produce advanced reports. You can view statistics regarding your visitors, traffic sources, user behaviour and conversions. Not just our marketers, but several of our programmers as well are certified.


E-consultancy is an English community for e-commerce and internet marketing professionals. They inspire each other in the field of internet marketing and support each other in finding solutions. E-consultancy does a lot of useful research.


Nima is best known for the marketing certificates NIMA A, B and C. But NIMA does more than this. Their aim is improving the skills of marketers, broadening, deepening and expanding. Perplex is a company member, examiner, committee member and employs Nima-certified marketers (SMP).

Privacy officer

With new legislation, the consequences of data leaks and online privacy issues are growing. Perplex employs a certified privacy officer to give thoughts on these themes.