Our contribution to the world around us

We realize every day how lucky we are. We therefore find it important that we also give something back to the world around us. We do this by collaborating with social partners, by sponsoring local initiatives and by introducing sustainability into our services.

Keurmerk Sociale Onderneming

Since 2021 Perplex officially bears the Social Enterprise quality mark. A quality mark that tests whether and to which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Perplex contributes. There are seventeen goals that can be focused on to make the world a better place (preferably before 2030). They are a global compass for challenges such as poverty, education and the climate crisis. The SDGs have been agreed upon by the countries that are members of the United Nations (UN), including the Netherlands.

Perplex actively contributes to this. We are aware of the important role SMEs can play in society. In addition, we also call on our suppliers and customers to show their colors and to actively contribute to this.

Download the official Social Enterprise Quality Mark here

Gift shop & coffee bar 'Dichtbij'

A job does not come naturally to everyone. It is difficult for people with a distance to the labor market to find work. Close by is a special shop, located in bookstore Het Colofon, which offers this group of people the opportunity to learn a trade. Close by presents a diverse and artisanal range of local products and articles. Driestroom and the Municipality of Arnhem ensure the influx of apprenticeships and practical jobs with the ambition to offer employees a permanent place in the labor market. Perplex sponsored and developed the website for this great initiative.

CO2 Compensation Trees For All

When you walk into our office, you can't miss it: our pink Perplex tree. A tree is a symbol of growth, stability and oxygen. Unfortunately, our tree does not contribute much to purifying the air around us, but the trees that Treesforall.nl plants do. To compensate for the CO2 emissions of our services, we buy trees in Trees For All projects every year.

Trees for All focuses on sustainable projects in developing countries. This allows them to restore nature and contribute to the socio-economic development of people most affected by climate change. The National Forest Fund, to which Trees for All is also affiliated, plants forests in the Netherlands.


Mongol Rally: Alzheimer Nederland

In 2001 the Mongol Rally started as an attempt to drive a Fiat 126 to Mongolia. This failed completely. In the years that followed, the attempt grew into a great success with the aim of raising money for charities. Colleague Jeffrey and friend Remon took up the challenge. Perplex sponsored the team. Of the money raised, the first € 700 was donated to Cool Earth, this charity has been supported by the Mongol Rally for years. The other amounts raised were donated to Alzheimer Nederland.


Ronald McDonald Business Breakfast

Perplex has been a participant in the Ronald McDonald Business Breakfast from day one. Every month sponsors meet early in the morning to have breakfast and to maintain contact with each other. But the most important goal is: to support the Ronald McDonald House Arnhem. The proceeds of the Business Breakfast Club will benefit this special and valuable initiative.

Sportief Oost

There are many sports-active colleagues within Perplex, but sports are not so obvious for everyone. People with disabilities cannot go everywhere. Sportief Oost Nederland offers facilities for this group of athletes. Perplex supports Sportief Oost with their communication and sponsors various activities.

Let us contribute to a social initiative.

Every year we spend part of our profits on social goals and sustainable initiatives. We cannot go into everything, but choose three goals every year. We only donate to the ultimate organization, not to middlemen, ad sellers or intermediaries.

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