Perplex team

The Perplex staff

Curious who you are talking to on the phone, who will be sitting at your table and who is working for your online result? Let us introduce ourselves to you!

Internetmarketeer & teammanager

Ilse Vermeulen

Is busy nonstop with checking results in Google Analytics, coordinates team leaders and marketers, keeps an eye on the big picture for clients, is a first-class pixel-picker and a word magician with a passion for writing text.


Perplex - Ilse Vermeulen

Mark Hendriksen

Helps develop [A] creative [B] innovative marketing and communications solutions; as you can see he loves A / B testing too. Daily receives kudos for assembling the legendary ski trip-after movie.

Perplex - Mark Hendriksen

Anique Kampschreur

Years of experience in coaching of interactive and cross-media projects, seasoned scrummer, project manager with love for photography who will go to hell and back for you.

Perplex - Anique Kampschreur
Internetmarketeer & founder & owner

Olaf Meul

Online since 1996, an inexhaustible idea-cannon, knowledge addict with a passion for marketing and technology, uses as many adjectives as possible, collects domain names and still dreams of a career as a photographer or a DJ. 

Perplex - Olaf Meul
Internetmarketeer & teamleader

Fedosja van der Lee

Loves a challenge and gets nervous even after only a single day of doing nothing, misses her Apple, is hoping to make it with her own web shop for cookies, design meets communication, and a language critic until her last breath.

Perplex - Fedosja van der Lee
Developer, teammanager & co-owner

Jeffrey Schoemaker

Oversees everything and thinks it through in the blink of an eye, introduced Umbraco, coordinates the technical staff and is a co-owner, as a practical joker likes to sabotage keyboards and monitors and very rarely sees a problem in anything.

Perplex - Jeffrey Schoemaker

Jorgen Verweij

Has a natural penchant for HTML, is the inventor of and a DJ on Spotifriday, makes a whole concept from half a word and provides constant visual innovation.

Perplex - Jorgen Verweij

Marc Meul

Perplex programmer since day one, this way or that: it will always work out, will gladly help you or the marketing ladies and is the passionate guardian of our servers.

Perplex - Marc Meul

Marjolijn Aerts

A doer who likes to think things through and is always looking for new challenges. Attention to detail, fresh ideas and well-organized to-do lists.

Perplex - Marjolijn Aerts
Internetmarketeer & teamleader

Leon de Wildt

Concept developer who designs functionality down to the smallest detail, fully versed in the latest developments, our Big Friendly Giant and specialized in mobile apps.

Perplex - Leon de Wildt

Liza Yeung

Arnhem's hotel & restaurant sector has no secrets for 'Liza of the Smaakvolgers-Site', deadline driven, going for a superbly furnished end result, knows how to connect online and offline seamlessly and introduced salad for lunch.

Perplex - Liza Yeung

Mariëlle van Kempen

Completely at home in the office life, experienced in developing and optimizing online marketing, also super proficient in assembling desks since we moved.

Perplex - Mariëlle van Kempen

Wouter van der Beek

Dreams in ones and zeros, unravels technical issues to the last detail, can make all computer systems communicate and although he is a quiet force by day, in the evening the strangest shapes are popping from his monitor.

Perplex - Wouter van der Beek

Peter Jansen

After years of designing for small mobile screens now an eye for the big picture again. Still needs to get used, every day, to living at walking distance from work.

Perplex - Peter Jansen

Denise van der Burg

The what-are-you-looking-at expert at Perplex; wants to understand everything concerning usability. Marketing meets design and also completely familiar with online marketing campaigns.

Perplex - Denise van der Burg
UX & Design

Bram Doppen


Robin Buters

Alias ​​content marketer, extensive experience in field of e-commerce, is excited about usability tests and increasing conversions, loves making music in her spare time.


Daniël Knippers

Black belt programmer, for Perplex swapped his hometown of Enschede for Arnhem and now won't even leave Arnhem (or actually his balcony) during holidays.

Perplex - Daniël Knippers

Suvada Kunovac

Our administrative tower of strength, part-time accountant, occasionally introduces us to some Bosnian words and treats and reinforces team Nijmegen.

Perplex - Suvada Kunovac-Krestelica

Tim Oldenkamp

Already a colleague of Leon during a previous job, has another passion next to programming that consumes at least as much time and love: a very rare Renault Clio Ultramega custom.

Perplex - Tim Oldenkamp

Dennis Boonk

Gets up to go to work with a smile and cheers up his colleagues with candy.

Perplex - Dennis Boonk

Ferdy Hoefakker

Loves everything to do with Japan, gets contagiously enthusiastic when finding new programming challenges and must have watched Game of Thrones a dozen times.

Perplex - Ferdy Hoefakker
Content maker

Jolien Marinus

Makes you laugh with puns, was already much more commercial than her classmates during her journalism training and also draws beside her writing skills.


Evert Millenaar


Guido Temmink

Want to make real experiences for users and signs up for a foot race on his first day at work as if it were nothing - only to be injured at the moment supreme...


Linda Sluijter-Berentsen

Office manager

Malon Schilder


Luuk Pijpers

Loves (almost) anything that involves design. Web Design, User Interface Design, Interaction Design, User Experience Design... 

Perplex - Luuk Pijpers
ICT administrator

Jelle Peters

Video & animation specialist

Henk van der Velden

Enthusiastic creative and specialist in video and animation, but since day one at Perplex already working on new stuff. Start a conversation with him and concepts arise in Henk's head within a few minutes.


Natasha de Canha


Xiaohao Ye

Studied Human Media Interaction, "the human side of science ', so he knows how systems automatically meet the needs of users. Diabetics use his app for daily measurement of blood sugar levels, so once we eat too much cake, he will let us know!


Erik Sierra

Content maker

Laurie Ruijsch


Albert Creemers

Where would we be without Albert? No idea, but we're glad he's there. Cowboys and horses make him happy. Cleans faster than his own shadow.