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Dream about Umbraco - Codegarden 2019

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At Codegarden 2019 Jeffrey shared his dreams about the future of Umbraco in a presentation. Thanks to his many years of experience with the content management system he was named Most Valuable Person (MVP) in 2017, 2018 and also this year. A special title that not many people get. Jeffrey was also invited to participate in the Umbraco Retreat. He was able to share his opinion, but also to think about the interpretion and content of Umbraco with other ambassadors.

Curious about what Jeffrey would do when he was the boss of Umbraco? Download the presentation in this blog!

I have a dream about Umbraco 8.x

Stop coding, start dreaming... 

So, we've reached Umbraco 8. What comes next? There still is so much to be done, but we don't have a roadmap yet. That leaves us to our imagination, ideas and dreams. Take a look into the future of Umbraco with Jeffrey. 

download presentation

What does the future look like?

About the author

Jeffrey the owner of Perplex Digital and a programmer at heart. He works with Umbraco since 2010 and calls himself a security and Umbraco-enthusiast. For example, his enthusiasm lead to the 'talk to my Umbraco website' package. An innovative idea to add content to an Umbraco website, without using a computer! Want to know more about the package? Read this blog.

Having questions, ideas or just want to share your opinion about your own Umbraco dreams? Get in touch: jeffrey@perplex.nl

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