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How Google DDOS’ed our server

Usually, Google is our bestest friend on the web. Several weeks ago however, we ran into something odd. Our monitoring alerted us to the fact that for the past several days the CPU use of one of our sites was steadily increasing. On a daily basis we had one million crawled pages, and more than 25 Gb of data downloaded. And that was per day, from one bot! A quick analysis of our logfiles revealed the cause of this to be traffic generated by a Googlebot (or someone impersonating one).

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Google PageSpeed Insights: Reaching a 100/100 score

Mobile is becoming more and more important and with it, so is the loading time of your page. The Pagespeed-score is factored into the sites ranking after all. Because of this, Google Pagespeed Insights has been created. With this free tool, it is easy to discover how Google ranks your website in terms of speed and performance.

Using the recommendations the tool hands out, you can improve the Pagespeed-score. For our own website, the goal was reaching a 100/100 score. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. The 6 best practices we picked up, will be detailed in this blog.

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