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Why everyone should be digitally accessible

For years we have been fighting for digitally accessible websites. And with success: research shows that among the 5 best-scoring hospital websites, 3 are made by Perplex: Ziekenhuis Groep Twente (ZGT)VieCuri Medisch Centrum and RijnstateWe are not yet finished with our mission to make the internet more accessible. Next month, the new Isala website will be live, which will of course be super accessible. No concessions are made in the design. In fact, it only gets better! We would like to introduce you to the principles of digital accessibility, read along?

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Making Umbraco ATAG and WCAG-compatible

At Perplex we’ve been working on accessibility for years. We believe that everyone should be able to use any site in whatever way they wish. We have received the official certificate (the Dutch office responsible for testing accessible websites) for several of our sites and want to continue doing our best to contribute to a better web for everyone. Last spring, we decided to test Umbraco against the WCAG and ATAG guidelines by an official Dutch testing organization. An accessible website is nice and all, but doesn’t the backend need to be just as accessible?

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