Leasing completely tailored to the customer

How do you ensure that lease car drivers, who do not want to get stuck with a permanent contract, are approached more personally and have more freedom? A complicated and rapidly developing demand in the automotive industry. ChangeMyCar give a bold response with which they really want to turn car leasing upside down.

ChangeMyCar wins the 'Fleet Industry Award 2018'!

ChangeMyCar has won the coveted Fleet Industry Award 2018! The award is presented annually during the Fleet Europe Summit in Barcelona to an organisation that offers remarkable and innovative products, tools or services. It is the leading award in the field of fleet management.

Fun leasing

No longer a long-term lease contract and more personal leasing: that was the conclusion after ChangeMyCar, a start-up from Athlon, had done extensive field research. This was also the starting point. By changing your lease car easily and monthly, ChangeMyCar wants to make leasing fun.

With this idea, they started using Perplex for the realisation. By starting at an early stage, we were able to define a common goal and work towards a final product with a tough deadline. With mutual enthusiasm and lots of ideas, we went to work. A close collaboration that spawned a lot of creativity!

Working iteratively

ChangeMyCar immediately wanted to get started and in a record time of only three days (yes, really) a first version of Umbraco was set up and the customer could start adding lease cars. As a result, the customer immediately got a feel for the operation of the website. Then we started working iteratively, to continue testing as much as possible and to spot problems early. The project was divided into clear stages and prioritised by customer requirements.

Mobile-first design

Leasing web sites are mostly business-oriented. ChangeMyCar wanted something else: a sort of Tinder for leasing. In order to be able to use an interface that is focused on touch and swipe and address a target group that primarily uses mobile phones, we have specifically opted for a mobile-first design. Swiping through the car offer gives users the feeling that they are leasing in a fun way.

"The end result is that in three months - and I think that is really fast - we have gone from a rough idea, an idea that might have been too big, to a company with a real face. We solve a problem for our customers, and we have a very cool web app, with which drivers can arrange their car mobility in a fun way.

And that's super cool!"

– Paul Bouwmeester CEO of ChangeMyCar

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