Inspirational Platform

Two major reasons for renewing were the less than optimized mobile version and the underlying technology of the website. In addition to the requirements from the IT-department the presentation to the target audience asked for a new and inspiring approach. Because as Bolsius is positioned as a creator of ambiance for the home interior, it is also necessary to evoke this feeling online.

First things first

As tempting as it was to get to work with the (technical) implementation specifically, first of all the website had to become tempting for Bolsius' audience. A sound technical base is very important, but also it should just work.

Therefore, we started with defining strategy and the creative interpretation. Consumers, retailers, large-scale consumers, media and job-applicants: everyone has different motivations for visiting the website. Specific visitor behaviour and some desired content is, however, shared and can be combined correctly.

From practical information to a lot of inspiration

Bolsius' former website was focused mainly on practical product information regarding the use of candles. With the new website, we also support other stages of the customer journey. The current serves both new users finding their way and existing customers.

Ambiance, ambiance and more ambiance

The use of candles is mainly about creating ambiance. For example, we support the user by showing how to create this ambiance in your own home. Which type of candle is suitable and then, where can I buy it? But perhaps even more important: where can I go if I have questions about a product I am using?

Somewhat against our habit, on this website we are not targeting towards direct sales and (hard) conversions. In this case the inspiration and experience of the Bolsius brand is the focus. This is visible on every page.

Cool corporate copy

As early as 1870, the base of the current company was established by the Bolsius brothers. They produced beeswax candles in a traditional manner. Nearly 150 years later, Bolsius is Europe's largest candle producer, with their distinctive quality. This unique story deserves to be told, in an equally innovative way. Bolsius' history is transformed into a digital 'journey through time', in which you partake of all the milestones.

Technical realisation

There was a quite logical internal need to simplify the technical platform structure. Meanwhile, there were about ten websites in up to eight language versions.

Logical and scalable

A single source for product information and images, a single Content Management System and a single approach for all websites. So, a publishing platform for implementing several websites that lends itself to further development.

In time, a web shop for retailers can be installed. In addition, manual administrative processes are automated so Bolsius can provide faster service.

User friendly Umbraco CMS

Perplex has been supporting Bolsius since 2007 and various campaign sites were realized with the Umbraco CMS in the past. Thanks to the positive experiences this CMS was set up for too, in a very flexible way. None of the pages has a fixed format, but they can be built up as desired with the aid of a so-called 'grid system'. With a set of templates and content elements there is no need for any page within the website to look the same. Of course within frameworks, to continue monitoring corporate identity.

International platform

Bolsius can apply its websites for each target group and country in a highly-focused way. For where Bolsius is well known in the Netherlands for atmosphere candles, its Polish target audience is more familiar with Bolsius grave lights.

These differences demand optimal flexibility to develop layouts for each country. The focus can be shifted without any specific web development being needed for each country.

Curious about what we do?
Inspire and convert

WRC Reizen, Zuid-Europa Reizen and Cruisefactory, the three labels with associated websites of which WRC Reizen Groep consisted, were united into one new online concept in 2015: Through one strong umbrella channel the 'global character' is strengthened and all (marketing) arrows are pointed in that direction.

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