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Knowledge and sharing are anchored in the DNA of Dirkzwager, the largest Dutch law firm and notary office outside the Randstad agglomeration. Dirkzwager started sharing knowledge online in 2007, after more than 7,500 articles it was time for a new platform. Because having knowledge may seem like power, sharing knowledge is real power. Meet Dirkzwager.nl!

The Dirkzwager platform wins the award for 'Best editing experience'!

Our hard work is rewarded: for the new Dirkzwager platform we received the award for 'Best editing experience' at the international Codegarden 2018 festival! Of course, we are very proud of that.

Best editing experience award

What started with a single knowledge website, grew over the years to a knowledge web that had formed around the corporate website dirkzwager.nl. Over 150 specialists from Dirkzwager have written more than 7,500 articles in recent years, spread over 15 knowledge websites.

How do you challenge these specialists to write quality articles and keep them up-to-date on the basis of insights? And how do you ensure that online knowledge reaches the right person at the right place at the right time? With the launch of the new platform dirkzwager.nl, all online knowledge is brought together and connected to the specialists, expertise, sectors and events.

Discover the new dirkzwager.nl

Author in control

  • What rules and requirements are imposed on the privacy of your website visitors?
  • How to deal with the dismissal of a sick employee?
  • When do business names look too much alike?
  • Which regulations apply to conducting medical scientific research?

A selection of the questions that are discussed and answered online. Sharing knowledge is in the DNA of Dirkzwager's specialists. This quickly becomes clear when browsing through the many articles, videos, publications and e-books that are shared online. Every day new knowledge appears online. And with that, the way in which Dirkzwager shares its knowledge is unique in the legal world.

With the launch of the new platform dirkzwager.nl, the specialists have total control over their own online knowledge. In a personal authoring environment, each specialist can create, publish and manage new articles, and existing articles are reviewed and maintained.

Appreciation and scoring of content

But how do the specialists know whether the articles they write are also read and appreciated? Perplex developed a formula for calculating a quality score per article, based on conversions on the article page. Think of 'hard conversions' such as sharing the article via social media or contacting the specialist.

But also 'softer conversions' such as time on the page in relation to scroll depth. The Quality Score is not only linked to a unique article, but also to the author of the article. This makes it possible to give the author insight into the appreciation of the written articles, but also to compile a top 5 of best-read articles and authors.

Writing for a target group

And who reads the articles from these specialists? To make the knowledge as accessible as possible, specialists are encouraged to write specifically for one (or more) target group(s). And by indicating per article how relevant the information is per target group, the platform creates insight into the knowledge needs of website users.

Qualitative and relevant content

How does the platform ensure that you, as a visitor, find what you are looking for? The specialists from Dirkzwager use their knowledge and experience in various fields of law, expertise and sectors. Also, online. This means that every knowledge item (article, publication, video and e-book) is connected to expertise and sectors and written about or around a specific theme. But also, events (workshop, seminars and knowledge days) play an important role here. You can see that in the extensive filter options within the platform. Are you looking for information about privacy? Then you will immediately find everything shared by the specialists on this theme.

Active knowledge of knowledge

Whether you are specifically interested in a theme or like to follow the developments of a specialist, the new platform offers the possibility to manage your own interests and preferences. This can be done in a MijnDirkzwager-account. On the basis of the preferences, weekly, monthly or direct newsletters filled with new and up-to-date knowledge are sent. Events that match these preferences are also brought to the attention in this way. The preferences and interests of (potential) clients and interested parties are also matched in the CRM application, making it possible to send out personal invitations for relevant events.

Event organisation at its best

Dirkzwager does not just share its knowledge online. On an annual basis, Dirkzwager specialists organise more than 100 workshops, seminars and knowledge days. A sizeable organisation, with more than 5,000 participants every year. The new dirkzwager.nl plays an important role in this event organisation. Participants simply register on the platform for an event and automatically receive an account for MijnDirkzwager after confirmation.

In this account you can manage and view the registration in the run-up to the event. At the end of the event, the proof of participation will be shared in My-Environment, which the participant can easily save or download. Has the event badge been scanned at start and end? Then these registered times are automatically recorded on the Certificate of Participation.

A real launch-event

And in April, it finally happened. Dirkzwagers from Arnhem and Nijmegen came together in the Arnhem Oostpool to experience the launch of the new knowledge platform. Watch the video below for a short impression.


Want to read more about the new platform? For the April edition of Samenspraak, the relational magazine of Dirkzwager, Chantal Slüter (online marketer Dirkzwager) and our colleague Fedosja were interviewed about this special and extensive platform.

Read it here

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