The optimal online campaign and site

By using campaign pages and effective internet marketing, special attention is given to some bicycle sectors. Furthermore, to be able to conduct the optimal online campaign there was soon need for the development of a new Currently the site is supported structurally by a wide range of online marketing tools and we are working daily to provide an ever-stronger mix.

Personas and their customer journey

Gazelle focuses its marketing on four personas. They represent the different target groups of the bicycle manufacturer. In line with this, we have devised a customer journey for each segment. Based on behaviour, emotions and decision points of the target group on the one hand, and the objectives of Koninklijke Gazelle on the other the online deployment was then implemented.

Wow! The e-bike campaign

The first campaign we conducted for Gazelle, and together with them, is the e-bike campaign. To promote the electric bicycle range, relevant visitors have been attracted to the promotion site of that time. The main objective of the campaign was to convey communication and encourage participation in the promotional action.

With a well-balanced media mix the online marketing was geared to two personas. Eventually three times as much visitors were attracted than the predefined KPIs prescribed, with over 10% less budget. This more than successful start was the basis for subsequent online marketing activities.

Next step:

To maximize campaigns, regular adjustments to landing pages are required. To be able to act quickly, the website has been re-established with the Umbraco CMS.

The choice was made to retain a lot of freedom. This way it is possible for Gazelle to create pages without a fixed structure. Through content blocks which are flexible both in order as regarding content, a page can be built fully at their own discretion.

Migrate and improve

At full speed a solid new website was realised. Existing functionalities were guaranteed, with improvements wherever possible. The insights gained in the internet marketing campaigns of the previous months were very valuable.

At the new website, the complete current offer of bicycles is put on display more prominently. The web design provides a better experience of the range and it is easier to find the ideal bike.

Favourite bikes can be saved, enabling comparison. Visitors build a kind of "shopping cart" and can save the bicycle shop where a test drive will be made as a personal favourite.

Technically we have used clever techniques, such as a link to the Gazelle product database, permitting many the bicycle detail pages to be automatically generated. In all versions, because the site is published internationally in eight language / country variants.

Continuous development

Since the website went live there has been continuous development and expansion of the website with new functionalities and pages. Special campaign pages are set up to support internet marketing campaigns and in a new My Gazelle environment, Gazelle-riders have an extra reason not only to register their bike, but also pay regular visits to the My-environment.

With the addition of content marketing Gazelle anticipates organic findability of the website and supports its brand values structurally.

From campaigns to an annual plan

Online marketing, where it all started with the e-bike product, took a flight. From what started out as campaigning, the works grew into a combination with an ongoing structural online effort.

It was an absolute honour to be allowed to propose and implement an internet marketing year plan. Gazelle and their range of bicycles have become increasingly visible throughout the year. For the right audience, at a particular stage in the customer journey, with an appropriate media mix for the best possible returns.

Offline research as well

In which direction are we heading? Which exit do we take and what won't we do? We are keeping each other alert and always looking for new insights.

Besides extensive Google Analytics reports by age, usability tests are conducted. We continue testing even while we are already busy with the implementation: with slightly different target audiences, communication messages, images...

Recently we went one step further: we conducted field studies. Consumers were interviewed "in the streets", bicycle dealers in their stores.

#wijwillendiegazelle (#wewantthatgazelle)

An internet marketing campaign for bike lifestyle is aimed at a younger audience, for example, high school students where utility cycles are popular. Instagram knows how to reach that audience. In a vlog contest the contestant with the most original vlog, or the one with the most likes, could win a bike for her- or himself and three of his or her friends.

Gazelle sponsors free time for Olympic athletes

Along with family and friends Gazelle surprised Dorian van Rysselberghe, Femke Heemskerk, Epke Zonderland and Dafne Schippers with some free time. The videos are available on a campaign page to be more visible for Gazelle's target audience, under the theme 'free time'.

The link to Gazelle's bicycles

Perplex creates commitment among Gazelle's target audience and calls for their help. By giving your favourite athlete tips for spending their free time you can win his or her bicycle. Are you going for Epke's Van Stael, or will it be Femke's HeavyDutyNL? Which lifestyle bike suits you?

The free time campaign will be brought to the attention via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, search engine marketing, banners on websites and bloggers, and is again based on the customer journey. With a smart (re)marketing funnel this branding campaign is still set up as results-oriented as possible.

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Inspirational Platform

Two major reasons for renewing were the less than optimized mobile version and the underlying technology of the website. In addition to the requirements from the IT-department the presentation to the target audience asked for a new and inspiring approach. Because as Bolsius is positioned as a creator of ambiance for the home interior, it is also necessary to evoke this feeling online.

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