From product development to contracts

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services gave a toast at the end of 2017. Not only to the new year, but also to a successful new website that promised much for 2018: After the launch in November '17 all high expectations regarding private leasing came true. A success story, thanks to the good cooperation between Mercedes-Benz' product specialists and Perplex' online experts.

Mercedes-Benz Private lease wins the ‘Best custom solution’ award!

At the annual Codegarden festival, the Mercedes-Benz Private Leasing website has won prizes. For the link made within Umbraco between the different databases of Mercedes-Benz Private lease, we received the award for Best Custom Solution. And we are of course very proud of that!

Driving without worries

Perplex helped Mercedes-Benz with development and positioning and then with being visible and findable with its private lease product.
Private leasing is becoming increasingly popular, but also raises many questions. Does it suit me? Is it not too expensive? Is buying a car not a much better option? What about a BKR registration? The information need of the target group is the starting point for Mercedes-Benz Private lease, we give real answers. Two birds with one stone: this demand-driven content strategy also delivers +30% organic traffic.

A configurator that works

Every month, thousands of leads put together their ideal Mercedes-Benz and only a small percentage leave before reaching the summary. The website is linked to Mercedes-Benz' Product Information Management systems, so that in addition to the configuration of the vehicle, the corresponding lease amount can also be calculated directly.
We would not be Perplex if we did not ensure maximum customer experience. In addition to the calculation and CRM systems of Mercedes-Benz Netherlands, use is made of the image bank of Mercedes-Benz Germany. This way we enrich the configurator with unique images for each configured vehicle and make the quotation highly visual. This makes placing an order very tempting!

Easier for everyone

So too for Mercedes-Benz employees. During a chat or phone call, a quote can be consulted immediately. Converting to a contract has also become a piece of cake, which generates time and happy faces.

Does work well? The results are impressive, already in the first month targets had significantly improved...

The next gear(s)

Does the product fit in well with the target group(s) and have objectives been achieved? What possibilities are there for optimisation? Do new opportunities arise, do new significant themes arise or do we want to respond to (private lease) developments?
We take care of answering these questions for Mercedes-Benz. Private lease is in continuous development and together we make true Mercedes-Benz' name: The best or nothing.

Curious about what we do?
Personalisation that helps you move on

How can vFAS, an association of lawyers and divorce mediators, ensure that the public sees it as a hallmark for divorces? By shouting loudly and praising yourself through advertisements, or by offering outstanding content free of charge so that people come back the moment they need you? Perplex, together with ZB Communication & Media, took up the challenge. And it is paying off: visitors view almost 4 pages more, stay on the website 9 times longer and convert 3.74 times more often. How? By personalisation!

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