Year after year more profit from the internet

Wearing glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids? Chances are you made an appointment online for one of their stores at Specsavers.nl. For Specsavers, Perplex deploys online marketing and landing pages to generate leads.

Customer journey framework

All movements are linked to our customer journey framework. An example: a visitor has viewed frames in the gallery, but did not make an appointment at any of the stores? By advertising with an appropriate offer and a referral to a conversion-oriented page, the target audience can yet be convinced to visit Specsavers.

Search engine and email marketing

Important source of - combined the most - visits and conversions is search engine marketing. SEA-campaigns and Search Engine Optimization are cleverly matched. Ads on the search and display network will be shown to new and existing visitors to Specsavers; the latter using remarketing. Does a lead result in making an appointment with a customer? Hundreds of thousands of customers are informed through weekly updates via email marketing.

Content creation, landing pages and conversion

For their corporate site, Specsavers have chosen a single content management system internationally, which also manages the Dutch website. Functional development is carried out from the UK, while content and landing pages are created in collaboration with us. An ideal combination to optimize the landing of online marketing and sending visitors along the desired conversion paths.

A Specsavers landing page is set up visually with SEO-friendly content, optimized for online marketing campaigns and focused on conversion.


In October 2016, we reached a memorable milestone. Compared to a year before, main conversion had risen to a new record high.

The number of appointments made through the website had increased significantly: more than twice as much!

The customer is always right

Specsavers recognizes the value of user research. Together we inspect various data sources and conduct qualitative user research. Thus, we identified some 100 results, based on interviews and usability tests. Analysis of these pluses, bottlenecks or striking features provides concrete advice for improvement.

Usability test results determine future developments for a smooth user experience at Specsavers' websites and the on-line booking of appointments

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The optimal online campaign and site


By using campaign pages and effective internet marketing, special attention is given to some bicycle sectors. Furthermore, to be able to conduct the optimal online campaign there was soon need for the development of a new Gazelle.nl. Currently the site is supported structurally by a wide range of online marketing tools and we are working daily to provide an ever-stronger mix.

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