Crossings to and from Ameland and Schiermonnikoog are never boring! The waves, wind power and position of the sun are unique every time. The services of Wagenborg Passenger Services make the trip truly unforgettable! Perplex is happy to contribute to this unforgettable journey. After a new ordering process, personalizing content seemed like a suitable follow-up to the customer process. After some research we made a proposal. The first steps towards a personalized customer journey have been taken!

Rewarded with 2 awards!

The new e-commerce platform of Wagenborg Passenger Services has won the Umbraco awards for Best Custom Solution and Best Gold Partner Solution at Codegarden 2019; the largest Umbraco congress in the world. The crowning glory of all the hard work and the great cooperation!

Once upon a time…

Seven years ago, Perplex developed the first Umbraco website for Wagenborg Passenger Services. At this time, tickets could be purchased online for a crossing to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog on the website.

As time went on, the wishes and needs of travelers shifted from offline to online. A well-visited website and an increase in online transactions resulted in a renewed ordering process in 2015 to make it easier to purchase tickets for travelers.

You can't manage what you can't measure

Now that the ordering process was optimized, only small steps could still be made. The real improvements were possible in other touch points. And that is why we mapped out, weighed and scored the entire customer journey. In this way it became crystal clear which touch points needed focus.

One of those points, was in regards to the e-ticket. As it turned out, personalizing this by providing personal travel advice based on the destination, transport, travel group and the luggage of the travelers, we could increase profits.

Challenge accepted!

The arrival of a new boat (a fast service for 48 people that can make the crossing in 20 minutes instead of 50 minutes) caused a new demand from Wagenborg Passenger Services in 2018. This need, combined with the earlier research, resulted in the development of a completely new e-commerce platform.

Mobile purchases and check-ins had to be the focus. WPD was ready for the optimal deployment of service-oriented information provision. Our prior knowledge came in handy here!

Digital resources

Our task is to optimize the provision of information from WPD both before and during the journey. Travelers must receive the right information at the right time through the right means. Personalization was introduced...

Personalized e-tickets

Our extensive research showed that personalized e-tickets can solve multiple problems in the customer journey. By knowing more about the traveling party, the way in which travelers arrive at the boat, the means of transport that are taken on board, the amount of luggage and the type of departure, travelers are provided with personalized instructions and tips that make traveling with WPD even easier and more pleasant.

Ticket machine

The development of optimally operating ticket machines was a way to improve contact between travelers and WPD. The platform is set up in such a way that it can also control a touchscreen ticket vending machine. The online payment has been replaced by (contactless) pin payments. In addition, a ticket is immediately printed with which the traveler can open the entrance gates. No queues at the checkouts which makes everyone happy.

Mobile e-ticket scanning

The new e-commerce platform for WPD not only makes mobile purchases possible, but also scanning e-tickets from a mobile phone. When travelers make an online reservation from their phone, the entrance code is displayed immediately. This makes it possible to purchase an e-ticket even while in the departure hall and scan the code immediately. No more long queues at the counter!

Customer Service Hub

A special customer service hub has been created in the back-end of the website. This hub makes it possible for customer service employees to offer customers online (and offline) support with up-to-date information. E-tickets can now also be adjusted and resent more easily via e-mail. This complete system is technically monitored and visualized on a special dashboard.

Real time dashboard

The entire platform is continuously monitored and made transparent through a customized dashboard. Online uptime, crowds on the parking lot up to the print rolls in the ticket machines; it's all available.

E-commerce platform: all worth it?

In the end we developed one e-commerce platform that makes it possible to check sailings, buy e-tickets for a trip to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, but also e-tickets for parking a car. Digital payment via country-specific payment methods is of course integrated.

  • The new system has been online now for several months and the first feedback is promising. Since the go-live of the new online platform, online ticket sales have increased. Compared to 2018, the number of transactions has increased by 72%! The number of tickets sold has increased by no less than 114%.
  • At the moment there are 4 ticket columns in operation that sell tickets daily and provide travelers with the necessary information.

Perplex & Wagenborg Passenger Services

Time and time again it appears that collaboration between Perplex and WPD brings out the best in both parties. In this case, the demand for an e-commerce platform resulted in a project that WPD, but also Perplex and travellers are extremely enthusiastic about. In addition to being a satisfied customer and end user, we have learned a lot about the possibilities of Umbraco and how we can match these with individual wishes of customers.

" Together with Perplex, we have the tools to provide our travellers with the information they need before they know they need it. We became proactive instead of reactive. In terms of technology, Umbraco did exactly what we expected; be flexible and stable, but at the same time offer the opportunity to support all ideas. "- Wagenborg Passenger Services

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