Inspire and convert

WRC Reizen, Zuid-Europa Reizen and Cruisefactory, the three labels with associated websites of which WRC Reizen Groep consisted, were united into one new online concept in 2015: WRC.nl. Through one strong umbrella channel the 'global character' is strengthened and all (marketing) arrows are pointed in that direction.

WRC Reizen Groep

If you do it, you should do it right. Not only the number of channels, but also the content of the former sites was carefully scrutinized. Only those trips and pages in which the audience was actually interested were given new life. Promising new destinations and topics were implemented. And how; the experience is flowing from the design, the imagery and the text. 

Smart navigation and landing pages

What is important in the quest for a trip? There is no unequivocal answer, the wishes and demands of different visitors can vary enormously.

The solution?

A variety of building blocks that make up a trip can be used for an overview of trips exactly matching a specific search query. With intelligent filtering and flexible landing pages, the possibilities are endless. WRC Reizen can easily create rich pages with unique content about the type of trips and offering an overview of the relevant trips. With sufficient trips and volume of search traffic, destination pages are supported with highly focused online marketing.

A question of courage and confidence

WRC Reizen deliberately chose not to offer run-of-the-mill trips. That is why the tailor-made trips cannot be booked directly, for good advice people are still needed. At the same time WRC tackles internet marketing professionally and we work together daily for 'the right online travel experience.' Proof that smaller tour operators too can gain a place among major online players.

Target and budget oriented

In our cooperation result-driven work is above dispute: it is all about the quotation requests. The target value set in Google Analytics controls the deployed online marketing and continuous development of the website. That is why it is a wonderful performance to know the target value is rising. Requests are becoming more qualitative; WRC really know to convince their audience. Also, there are proportionally more requests for quotations and the conversion rate is rising. And the final destination has not yet been reached!

Ruud Kruis, director and co-owner of WRC Reizen Groep, appreciates the empathy we show.

Facebook Lead Ads

The e-mail newsletter is an important channel to keep travellers warm and interested in WRC Reizen Groep's trip selection. When the opportunity arose to recruit new members entirely within Facebook, we seized it at once. A good example of how action can be taken from the valuable insights we get from Google Analytics statistics and interviews with WRC Reizen.

Curious about what we do?
Internet as a fully-fledged sales channel


2009: the year Barack Obama was inaugurated, the swine flu prevailed, the Queen's Day attack took place, DSB bank went bankrupt and the Netherlands sank into a recession. Online shopping was on the rise, about half of the Internet users on average made 1 online purchase per month. Could you also sell a car completely online?

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