Online advice and new ideas

At Perplex we are constantly researching how users handle (mobile) websites, apps, online campaigns and social networks. As a result-driven agency we want you to connect with your target audience.

We can give you strategic advice, offer support as a marketer for the smart implementation of digital media and online marketing, and from now on will always think along with you.

First learn to understand what has value

It is very tempting to get started as quickly as possible with ideas and attractive designs. But how do you know if your target audience is interested in this? That is why we involve your actual audience(s) as soon as possible. We want to know who they are and wat they need. Which media and devices they use. How they use them. Which other services and businesses they encounter online. What does the customer journey look like (customer journey)? And where are the opportunities?

User / target audience research

Depending on what data you already have available, we conduct additional research in a pragmatic manner. If we mainly want to gain insights, interviews and focus groups are very suitable. If we want to know what the target audience is looking for online or how they deal with certain websites, we use eye tracking research.

Understanding the customer journey and the actual online behaviour of your target audience are crucial. The availability of so many online stimuli and so many digital channels that only relevance and creativity will make a difference..

Web statistics and available data

Using Google Analytics, for example, behaviour on your website (s) is probably being measured already even now. This data is interpreted by our internet marketers and use to acquire insights.

Besides Google Analytics, there are many more tools and resources providing information about search behaviour, motivations of the target group or site usage. Consider for example CRM-data, click tracking, keyword analysis or conversation analysis on social media.

Developing the entire online platform

All websites, apps and online campaigns you are using achieve the most impact if they are integrated seamlessly. Based on the acquired insights and your goals we develop an effective strategy. We will not write big reports but use the internet marketing framework we refined. You will have a clear overview of opportunities, goals and the digital media and internet tools you can use, visualized on A3-size with the customer journey as a starting point..

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Roadmap: Step-by-step from a to z

Once it is clear what resources and tools need to be developed, we prepare a plan to implement them in stages. How can we get where you need to be as soon as is feasible? Together we determine priorities and the sequence of activities and deliverables. The roadmap is a well thought-out visual planning that provides an overview of the step-by-step route to profit at a single glance.

Ideas: Make a difference

Ideas sometimes come at the most unexpected moments. But you can give chance a helping hand. Our office is set up in such a way that there is in any case a lot of room and opportunity to boost its emergence. Apart from this we are also active in trade associations and visit many conferences, inspiration sessions and workshops in Europe, Asia and the United States. Everything to keep looking for techniques, methods, tools and ideas to make your website or online campaign even more successful.


A good way for people to get to know each other and put their money where their mouth is... We like to lock ourselves in our office with you for an hour, to redecorate the newly painted walls with thick layers of post-its. But be warned: our enthusiasm is contagious.

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