Creative and Result-Oriented Internet Marketing

Your website or online campaign can be set up perfectly, but without the right kind of visitors it will hardly serve your purpose. If the visitors are there, do they find the information they need immediately – or will they quickly click to leave in frustration? And do they take the action you desire?

Perplex helps you with devising a workable online marketing strategy and its full implementation. From idea to conversion optimization. From text to technology.

SEA, SEO, Social: Where To start?

There are heaps of possibilities for reaching and seducing your target audience online. But which means do you choose? We believe in a comprehensive approach, in which we first gain an understanding of your audience's customer journey. We want to understand how they search online, what they need and what is relevant to them. Then we take you to work. Periodically we will go through the following steps: 

1. Determine Online Marketing Tactics

The combination of your goals, your brand, your products/services, your budget, the online competition and the needs of your target audience decide which online tools and digital media we advise you to deploy at which point in the customer journey. We give practical, concise online advice and come up with lots of ideas (this is a promise!) We do not believe in ad hoc campaigns, but in improving step-by-step based on an internet marketing framework thought out in advance.

2. Attract the right kind of visitors

Even though your site is well thought-out, without relevant visitors we will get nowhere. Therefore, we make sure that you are visible and findable online. We use a mix of, for example: Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing campaigns (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, content marketing, social media, email marketing, online PR and video/display advertising.

Campaigns are divided into, for example: brand campaigns, customer journey campaigns, action-based campaigns and/or products or services. In this way, we can measure properly what is effective and conduct well-directed optimization.

3. Measuring and Analysing Results

Attracting visitors is a start. But determining which visitors complete the set goals, what content works best and which traffic sources are most valuable is what must come next. The combination of tools such as Google Analytics, click tracking and eye tracking provide us with information. Our experienced marketers interpret data and translate it into concrete follow-up actions. 

4. Conversion Optimization and Editing

With visitors from the target audience we enticed to visit the site, we'd like to build a stronger connection. Of course, real personal contact is the strongest method, but we can do a lot online as well. For example, with the targeted use of social media or email marketing we can build a much more complete "customer experience". But also, content marketing can make a significant contribution here. And noooo... content marketing is really much more than just a bit of blogging.

Internet Marketing Tools

The number of available internet marketing tools is endless. Yet, only a handful of them accounts for 99% of all the quality traffic to websites. For the Netherlands, the most relevant instruments are:

SEA Google Adwords

As a Google Certified Partner, we are well aware of the latest developments in the field of Google AdWords. The platform is constantly expanding and, besides supplying the familiar ads in search results, offers more and more opportunities. There is remarketing, Google Shopping, the display partner network, YouTube advertising and Google Places. Besides Google, Microsoft Bing also provides SEA opportunities.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

For many sites, this is the main traffic source. Becoming findable in an organic way is not a trick you can apply here. Valuable and distinctive content in combination with a technically sound, user-friendly site are a necessary foundation. Our internet marketers have a lot of successful SEO experience.

Email marketing

For many young people this may sound like a vinyl record. What are you talking about? Indeed something that sounds like the past. But make no mistake about the power this tool may still hold. Especially for older audiences, combined with quality content and highly targeted segmentation / personalisation. We will gladly show you our cases!

Social media

Even more than with other instruments, relevance is needed here. If you want to inspire or make contact, then your content must connect seamlessly with the target audience and the platform (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram) you choose. The creation of content and the timing demand experienced editors and online marketers.

Social Media Advertising

Platforms like Facebook and Snapchat have a wealth of data about their users. Interests, demographics, relationships with like-minded people... social media combine them all. For marketers, this offers opportunities for highly focused advertising.

Online advertising

Banners are the most common form of online advertising, but the possibilities are now endless. Mini games, video ads, testimonials, interactive banners, homepage takeovers (no... do not do this). Standing out becomes increasingly difficult, but creativity and selecting the right media are a help!

Shall we meet?

We wonder how we can help you. Looking for an agency for your Google AdWords campaigns? Or for a partner for outsourcing the entire online marketing for your business? Come visit us, in the heart of Arnhem. Do you prefer calling? Of course, this is possible too!

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