New at Perplex: the Perplex AI Assistant

  • 17 April 2023 - Perplex
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Jeffrey Schoemaker Solutions architect

Perplex introduces the Perplex AI Assistant, a handy tool for editors and content specialists that makes their work easier and more enjoyable. Using AI, this package automates boring and repetitive tasks and inspires creative writers. The tool is available in all languages and works on any Umbraco 10 website and later versions. It is Perplex's first step towards more practical AI solutions for editors.

Free yourself from repetitive tasks with the Perplex AI Assistant

Are you tired of spending hours writing metadata for your web pages? The Perplex AI Assistant is the solution for you! This clever tool takes the repetitive task of writing metadata, such as meta titles and descriptions, off your hands. The Perplex AI Assistant is also capable of optimizing metadata for visitors, resulting in a higher click-through rate. And that is incredibly important, because a higher click-through rate means more traffic to your website. Thanks to the smart AI assistant, you can be sure that the metadata meets all requirements and can expect a higher click-through rate. Sounds good, right?

Our latest Umbraco package really works!

Curious how it works? Check out the short demonstration of the Perplex AI Assistant on Vimeo. In it, our developer Daniƫl shows how the Perplex AI Assistant generates your meta titles and descriptions for all your favorite Umbraco web pages in no time!

Perplex AI Assistant: 5 benefits

The Perplex AI Assistant offers several benefits for content specialists and editors. Below, we have listed the most important benefits:

  1. Time savings: The AI Assistant takes repetitive and boring tasks off the hands of content specialists, allowing them to spend more time on important tasks such as creating high-quality content.
  2. Improved quality: The AI Assistant ensures that the meta description meets the correct standards and guidelines, such as relevance, maximum character count, an active tone, and a clear call-to-action. This improves the quality of the content and increases its relevance and accessibility.
  3. Inspiration: The AI Assistant can also inspire content specialists and give them ideas for new content, increasing their creativity and productivity.
  4. Better efficiency: The AI Assistant can work in all languages and on any Umbraco 10 and later versions. This allows content specialists to work more efficiently and improve their workflow.
  5. Innovation: With the Perplex AI Assistant, content specialists can stay ahead in the content industry. The tool is an example of how Artificial Intelligence can be used to provide practical solutions and improve processes.

Experience it yourself: download the free package via the Umbraco Marketplace!

Download Perplex AI Assistant

This is just the beginning...

This is just the beginning, because we are actively working on AI and making it applicable to our customers. Soon, the Perplex AI Assistant will also be able to help with writing alt text for images and checking whether a page is written at B1 level for accessibility purposes.

Practical and smart AI solutions

Perplex stands for practical and smart solutions that really benefit customers. And the Perplex AI Assistant is the perfect example of this! With this handy package, the work of editors becomes much easier and the quality and discoverability of the content can be improved. But that's not all. We have many more plans for smart AI solutions that can help you automate repetitive tasks as a customer. This is an incredibly exciting development that we at Perplex are very enthusiastic about. Curious about what else is coming? Keep an eye on us and be surprised by our innovative solutions!

Want to know more?

Are you interested in the Perplex AI Assistant, or do you want to know more about the possibilities of AI at Perplex? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and how we can help you automate your work. Please contact us now at 026 383 07 34 or email to