Why everyone should be digitally accessible

  • 11 November 2018 - Health - Usability - User Experience - Techniek
  • Leestijd: 2 minutes
Jeffrey Schoemaker Solutions architect

Towards accessible(er) websites

The figures from the research into the statuses of digital accessibility on government websites are worrying, because it is precisely these websites that must comply with the legal obligation from September 23, 2020. Fortunately, there is also good news and we proudly worked on 5 digitally accessible hospital websites. We have taken major steps in the right direction for Hospital Group Twente (ZGT), Rijnstate, Isala and Martini, among others. VieCuri has even been rewarded with the Waarmerk drempelvrij.nl! The wish for a digitally accessible website is therefore there... we just need to fulfill this wish!

You can arrange almost everything online and sometimes you don't even have a choice. But what if you have a disability and the website is not accessible to you? Fortunately, digital accessibility has been added to the UN Convention on Human Rights with Disabilities. Because the online world belongs to everyone, right? Read our whitepaper for tips & tricks!

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