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Make smart choices in traffic

TeamAlert has an ambition: 0 road casualties among young people. An important and challenging mission that we are happy to support! With a passionate team of youth educators, project staff, behavioral researchers, marketers and community managers, we work daily on relevant and striking campaigns, interventions, quizzes and games.

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TeamAlert is the youth organization that challenges you to make smart choices in traffic so that you are always safe on the road
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For youth...

Our collaboration started with the realization of a new website. This is primarily aimed at young people; they will find information about the campaigns, the TeamAlert organization, but also all kinds of knowledge and games about important (traffic) topics. Via the website, young people can also register for the youth panel or apply for a part-time job as a youth information officer.

...and business partners!

Realizing 0 road casualties among young people is something you don't do alone. That is why TeamAlert works together with the business community and local authorities to improve road safety. And it is precisely in these collaborations that the key to success lies. Because in order to reach young people in large numbers, partners are needed! The website also offers these (potential) partners knowledge and information and the opportunity to get in touch with TeamAlert.

Converting data into valuable insights

In order to make more and more choices based on insights, we are currently working with TeamAlert on the implementation of a data strategy. We map out where data is available or should be made available in the organization, what insights this data provides and what choices can be made subsequently. The various TeamAlert departments are represented during the implementation and the MT actively cooperates to create support and focus on the right activities.

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