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Jeffrey Schoemaker Solutions architect

The all-in-one toolbox for marketers

Perplex has developed the uMarketingSuite in collaboration with Umbraco (the makers of the Umbraco CMS); the all-in-one toolbox for every marketer and editor. The uMarketingSuite is the platform in the field of personalization, a/b testing and marketing automation for Umbraco. By default, Umbraco does not include support for these components, but the uMarketingSuite adds these components.

Easy to install

The uMarketingSuite is a so-called no-code solution. Within 15 minutes the uMarketingSuite can be installed on any Umbraco v8 and v9 website. You can then immediately start collecting data, a/b testing functionalities and personalizing the website based on countless parameters. In addition, the uMarketingSuite offers various web services to further expand the out-of-the-box functionality with specific data.

Data where you need it.

You can use the uMarketingSuite to easily personalize pages or parts of pages for specific visitors or visitor groups. The management of the variant pages takes place within the CMS, which has the advantage that no additional tool or environment is required. The data is also available in the CMS; where the pages are managed and immediate action can be taken based on collected data.

Collect & use data

A lot of data is collected with the use of uMarketingSuite. This data is and remains the property of Arriva. In addition, the storage and use of the collected data fully complies with GDPR legislation and standards.

Privacy Verified

The uMarketingSuite is approved and privacy verified by Privacy Verified, one of the leading privacy organizations in Europe. As part of ICT Law, they have been offering various privacy services for more than 15 years to support organizations with privacy issues and processes. If you use the uMarketingSuite, then you are ready for the data-driven and privacy-friendly future.

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