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Masters in divorce, inheritance and mediation

How can the Association of Attorney-Division Mediators FAS ensure that the public sees it as a hallmark for divorces? By shouting loudly and promoting themselves through advertisements, or by offering really good content without obligation so that people come back when they need it? Perplex, together with ZB Communicatie & Media, accepted the challenge and that paid off: visitors view almost 4 pages more, spend 9 times longer on the website and convert 3.74 times more. How? By personalizing!

It starts in the waiting room

Before we could get started, we sat down with the lawyers of the Association of Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS), with the aim of finding out who the potential website visitors are. We assumed that the online target group would be the same as the people sitting in their waiting room. We asked vFAS lawyers about the questions, wishes and information needs of their clients.

From persona...

We have been able to reduce the information gathered from vFAS lawyers to 6 personas and 3 phases, which guarantee 98% of the target group. The website has four content pillars: divorce, mediation, children and money & property. Each persona has different questions within the different pillars and is looking for advice that applies to him or her. content strategy

We have personalized the platform so that we can actually offer the right content with the right persona. We have thought out and further developed the idea for personalization and based on this, in combination with the information needs of the personas, we have drawn up a data-driven content strategy. ZB Communicatie & media has created the content for according to the strategy.

Implicit personalization

Getting divorced is a sensitive topic. A visitor does not want to share all his sensitive information. That is why we opted for implicit personalisation. The visitor does not have to mention anything.

By applying and continuously optimizing algorithms developed in-house, we can show the visitor the advice that is most applicable to him or her. It's like handing someone a big book and marking only the pages that are most relevant.

Guarding privacy

We store the data that is collected internally in a kind of black box. Because (sensitive) information remains in our control, we remain in control. We can always justify what exactly happens to the data. This prevents the information from being used for anything or being sold on.

The data is never linked to personal data, which we obtain through conversion. As a result, the data we collect always remains anonymous.

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