A well-thought-out brand strategy for lawyers & mediators

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Lyan van Straten Content specialist

A distinctive, authentic and relevant position in the market. This is not self-evident, but it is the wish of the Dutch Association of Family and Inheritance Lawyers Divorce Mediators (vFAS). Perplex took on the challenge of realizing a strong brand strategy and thus creating more brand awareness, brand knowledge and eventual brand preference among the target group. And with success!

  • Specialists in personal & family law 900+ lawyers & mediators affiliated with vFAS

Masters in divorce, inheritance and mediation

vFAS is the only Dutch specialist association of lawyers who specialize in (international) personal and family law, inheritance law and mediation. vFAS invests daily in the knowledge and quality of lawyers and lawyer-mediators, so that everyone who becomes involved in a divorce in the Netherlands or inheritance has a chance to realize the ideal long-term solution for itself and those directly involved.

Strong brand positioning

A strong brand strategy not only provides focus, but also helps you make well-considered choices in everything you do. It answers the question of why you do one and not the other. In order to achieve a strong brand positioning, we researched and determined the core values, the unique buying reasons and the promise of vFAS together with vFAS. In other words: What distinctive value does vFAS offer its target group?

Our approach? Research, research and more research...

A good (validated) basis is crucial to determine an appropriate and successful brand strategy. We started this project by collecting insights from market analysis, competition analyses, GAP analysis, target group analysis and the customer journey. In addition, we started working with the vFAS brand during brand workshops. We have considered the key elements of a strong brand strategy. Think of the mission and vision, brand values, goals and ambitions, target groups, tone of voice and tone of image. We zoomed in on both the current and the desired brand positioning. Finally, we translated all this data into a brand strategy and a strategic roadmap for the next 5 years.

What does a brand strategy include?

  • Brand archetype: your brand personality and character
  • Brand value house: your core values, aspiration values ​​and conviction
  • Brand values ​​ruler: The instrument with which the brand-worthiness of expressions and behavior is measured
  • Brand story: Why Do You Do What You Do?
  • Personas: a detailed description of your (fictional) ideal customer
  • Value proposition: why does the customer choose you instead of the competitor?


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