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The value of data

From gut feeling to substantiation and insights

The right data strategy contributes to an optimal (more) customer experience and ensures better brand appreciation, higher effectiveness and more turnover. Both offline and online. Data strategy is always in tandem with your brand and brand values. This requires precision, attention and skill. Use this in harmony, and the power of data really becomes apparent. As long as the customer and ethics are central, this is 100% compatible with AVG & GDPR. We operate successfully on this playing field together with and for our customers.

The right content at the right time

Start with what you want to achieve or โ€“ even better โ€“ how you can help your customers. Focusing on conversion is a short-term strategy and can certainly be included, but cannot be the only focus. How do you add value? By showing the right content at the right time and knowing how the customer experiences your brand, products and services. For this, the customer must be central and you must really get to know your customer.

Don't sell your product or service because you can, but because your customer clearly needs it for his or her own 'job-to-be-done'. Show your customer, driven by the brand and brand values, how your data strategy contributes value to the actual conversion. With such a long-term (data) strategy you ensure that customers keep coming back and maybe even bring in even more new customers, instead of converting once.

We collect the data that we can actually use

What is the shelf life of data? A date of birth will always remain current, but the phase in the customer journey is over. We only collect the data that we can really use, because collecting is not the goal in itself. The organization of data storage and its security are important topics in this regard. "Can large amounts of data be processed quickly and effectively?", "Where is the data stored?", "Which tooling do we use for storage and analysis?", are some questions that need to be answered before a data strategy can be successfully implemented. We answer them together, including the internal organization. From IT employees to the marketing department and from customer service to the board room.

Security & privacy

Personal data is gold. We therefore consider it our task to handle data responsibly and to ensure a safe and protected environment. Perplex is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. We guarantee that our services and information security meet the highest requirements. Websites and platforms developed by Perplex run (obviously) within an https environment. The configuration of this connection and the associated certificate also meet the highest requirements.


At Perplex we use marketing platform uMarketingSuite to realize personalized (content) platforms. The website adapts to the behavior and needs of the visitor, with the aim of offering a relevant and personalized experience. The data collected for this purpose via uMarketingSuite remains the property of the website owner, data is not shared with third parties. uMarketingSuite is approved and privacy verified by Privacy Verified, one of the leading privacy organizations in Europe.

Total customer experience

All expressions, both online and offline, must appeal to the target group and must match the (brand) values โ€‹โ€‹of the organization. By providing insight into all contact moments, measuring appreciation and specifically aiming for improvement, you work towards Total Experience; brand experience at its best, based on customer and employee appreciation.

Total Experience Model

We use our Total Experience Model for this, which shows customer journey, touchpoints and key moments at a glance, supplemented with (real-time) insight into employee and customer appreciation. The model provides concrete tools for improving the customer journey, with customer appreciation as the most important indicator.

Read more about our Total Experience Model


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