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Real technical force

A content management system at its best

As a Certified Gold Partner, Perplex has been developing all websites, platforms and applications with Umbraco CMS for many years. And that is a conscious choice! This open source content management system gives us the freedom to do what we do best; the realization of simple and complex customized solutions. Emerce100 has placed the CMS at the top of the CMS software open source category for years and we fully agree with that.

Simple and complex platforms

Umbraco is a content management system with which a website, intranet or platform can be developed, maintained and edited. Umbraco CMS is based on the .NET framework, is open source (MIT License) and it is free to use. The quality, stability and further development are guaranteed, because Umbraco CMS is developed and managed by Umbraco HQ in Denmark. Umbraco HQ generates revenue by offering training, dedicated hosting and support contracts for support. An involved community (of more than 220,000 active members) provides continuous feedback and supports the further development of the CMS (including through the realization of packages with optional functionalities).

We opt for reliable and flexible

Umbraco is built as a layer on Microsoft .NET, where all concepts that Microsoft uses are reused. For example, the User and Member authentication works based on the .NET Membership Framework. The system is very flexible due to the possibilities of the Umbraco API in combination with .NET. Our Umbraco-certified programmers can expand the CMS indefinitely with additional functionalities and link external systems such as CRM or ERP packages.

Umbraco only uses open standards, including XML, XSLT, Razor, MVC, HTML5 and CSS. In addition, the system is being further developed and maintained on a large scale, many plug-ins are available, a lot of attention is paid to safety and, in addition to Umbraco HQ, there is also a very active support group.

Friendly for content managers and editors

Editors and content managers who regularly manage and enrich pages on a website want to be supported by the CMS. That is why we set up the CMS together with them. With the functionalities that the website visitor needs, but with logic that makes the CMS easy to use. Umbraco CMS is fresh and intuitive. Even without our user training you can quickly master your Umbraco.

Umbraco provides useful tools, including automatic image resizing and optimization. Drag an image to the media section of the CMS and Umbraco will create all the formats used on the website.

A personalized experience

The right information at the right time for the right visitor; the key to a successful, relevant and converting website. As a marketer or communication professional, you simply want to adapt the content of campaign pages, forms or landing pages to the search intent or the phase of the customer journey (customer journey) the visitor is in.


At Perplex we combine Umbraco CMS with uMarketingSuite to realize personalized (content) platforms. The website adapts to the behavior and needs of the visitor, with the aim of offering a relevant and personalized experience. uMarketingSuite is also easily linked to other (data) systems, so that more information about a visitor is available and can be combined.

We are proud to be a Certified Gold Partner

What we do, we do well. After we decided to specialize in Umbraco, we invested a lot in knowledge, development and training. As a result, we are one of Umbraco's most active Gold Partners. We actively contribute to the further development of the CMS, developed a personalization module and various packages; for example, we are actively working on the Perplex Mail package and our extension for Umbraco Forms, called Umbraco Forms on Perplex Steroids. We have direct contact with Umbraco HQ and are working on new functionalities. Sometimes concretely through code suggestions, sometimes by proposing functionalities for new Umbraco versions.

Perplex & Umbraco has turned out to be a golden combination

During Codegarden 2017, Perplex was rewarded with two awards and a nomination. We will also be awarded in 2018: we win the award for Best Custom Solution and Best Editing Experience award and we are nominated for the Best Package Award! 2019 is another great year for Umbraco: several nominations and two awards are back to the Netherlands, including the Best Custom Solution Award. In 2020 we will receive the Umbraco award for Best Custom Solution for the 3rd year in a row. With this result we are the only party in the world that has achieved this and we are very proud of that!

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Total customer experience

All expressions, both online and offline, must appeal to the target group and must match the (brand) values ​​of the organization. By providing insight into all contact moments, measuring appreciation and specifically aiming for improvement, you work towards Total Experience; brand experience at its best, based on customer and employee appreciation.

Total Experience Model

We use our Total Experience Model for this, which shows customer journey, touchpoints and key moments at a glance, supplemented with (real-time) insight into employee and customer appreciation. The model provides concrete tools for improving the customer journey, with customer appreciation as the most important indicator.

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