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Thoughtful and feasible

A marketing strategy that really matters

With the right marketing strategy, you can give your target audience what they really need. A complete strategy not only ensures that they find the information they need, but also converts it the way you want. The aim is for users to connect with your organization, brand or product. We do this with an integrated approach, with insights into the customer journey of the target group.

No ad hoc execution

A page on Facebook or a video on YouTube? Let's look beyond that together. We analyze user behavior and combine this with your unique (brand) story, the message to be conveyed and appropriate marketing instruments. That will be the basis for your online marketing strategy.

No ad hoc campaigns, but a well thought-out framework with which your target group is actually served. Based on, among other things, a 0 measurement, an SEO scan, customer interviews and a competition analysis, we make a targeted online marketing strategy and determine the ideal customer journey.

We create a complete mix of relevant channels

And that's just the beginning, because a good strategy alone won't get you there. We will make sure that you are visible and findable online. We use a relevant mix for this; which channels meet the needs of the user? We look at all facets and all channels until we have a consistent total experience for your digital marketing.

Regardless of the channel we use to acquire visitors, we make sure that the right visitor converts. We continuously analyze visits and campaigns and devise smart interventions to continuously optimize the results. Answers to questions like “which content works best?”, “which traffic sources are the most valuable?” and “are there possible website improvements that contribute to better findability and higher conversion?” Are an important part. Our experienced marketers interpret the data and translate it into concrete follow-up actions.

We measure and adjust continuously

Because we set goals at the start of a marketing strategy, we can test how successful the strategy is during the implementation. We include the KPIs (target conversions) in a clear report or online dashboard. This makes the goals and progress transparent and helps us to make the right choices together about the use of budget and channels, presenting the message and landing (on a website or page).

Total customer experience

All expressions, both online and offline, must appeal to the target group and must match the (brand) values ​​of the organization. By providing insight into all contact moments, measuring appreciation and specifically aiming for improvement, you work towards Total Experience; brand experience at its best, based on customer and employee appreciation.

Total Experience Model

We use our Total Experience Model for this, which shows customer journey, touchpoints and key moments at a glance, supplemented with (real-time) insight into employee and customer appreciation. The model provides concrete tools for improving the customer journey, with customer appreciation as the most important indicator.

Read more about our Total Experience Model


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