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All facing the same direction

We create a strategy with a clear goal and a clear path

You have a goal in mind, a plan for the future or an ultimate wish… what does it take to achieve that goal and how are you going to do it? Crucial questions that are sometimes difficult to answer. Nevertheless, it is important to answer these questions. A strategy provides direction in an organization and it provides focus; if you have a specific goal in mind, you prefer to spend your time, energy and attention only on activities that contribute to achieving that goal.

One for all, all for one

A strategy does not just happen and is not just successful. Many factors influence the success of a strategy. That is why it is important that a strategy is embraced by the organization, that results are continuously measured and that there is room for (interim) adjustments.

We focus on insights, goals and successes

Whether we ultimately develop a content platform, social media campaign, animation or customer portal; everything is part of a strategy. So before we can achieve success together, we want to get to know you and your organization. What goal do you have in mind? Which target group do you want to reach? How do your customers value your products and/or services? What do you stand for as an organisation? The insights help us to develop a strategy together that is in line with the goal and which we will then really implement.

Have you not yet formulated a goal or is the proposition of your organization not yet clear? No problem! At Perplex we have the necessary disciplines in-house to support this. We organize the sessions that are necessary to obtain the information and to process it in a clear, visual summary.

Total customer experience

All expressions, both online and offline, must appeal to the target group and must match the (brand) values ​​of the organization. By providing insight into all contact moments, measuring appreciation and specifically aiming for improvement, you work towards Total Experience; brand experience at its best, based on customer and employee appreciation.

Total Experience Model

We use our Total Experience Model for this, which shows customer journey, touchpoints and key moments at a glance, supplemented with (real-time) insight into employee and customer appreciation. The model provides concrete tools for improving the customer journey, with customer appreciation as the most important indicator.

Read about our Total Experience Model


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