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At Perplex we work together on your digital brand experience and optimal long-term results. An optimal combination of design, development, content, marketing, data and strategy. Project-based and preferably in long-term collaborations.

Your own team of digital specialists.

You work together with a fully-fledged team that operates in an integrated manner. No assignment involves just one discipline and the right mix of specialists pays off. Your permanent team consists of well-trained Perplexers, who know what they are talking about. They understand that a strategy only has a right to exist if it is properly implemented, they work pragmatically and deliver even better results year after year. An experienced project manager is responsible for the result of the digital platform and remains your involved contact person during all steps and activities.

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Don't just think, but act!

Because we advise both during the preliminary phase and after delivery, we cooperate with management, maintenance, optimization, content creation, research and result measurement, we have a lot of insight into what works and what does not work. And with a lot of knowledge and experience in house thanks to large, customer-oriented organizations and companies, we easily apply these insights. But in addition to providing specialist knowledge, we are also happy to transfer it.

This is what we do

We work with and for our customers.

We launch websites and campaigns that we are proud of. But, it can always be better. Which visitors complete the set goals, which content works best and which traffic sources are the most valuable? Our experienced strategists and marketers interpret the data and translate it into concrete follow-up actions. Because, in the end, the result counts.

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Marjolijn Doorenbosch-Aerts CEO a.i.