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A user experience without frictions

Our technology has a mission

Technic; for some it is a necessary (and sometimes incomprehensible) evil, for others it is second nature. We love technology and see the added value of reliable and well thought-out implementations. Our technical team is involved in marketing sessions and usability testing and support in designing websites and platforms. Because the technology is also at the service of the end user. It just has to work well. No matter how complex.

Simple and complex platforms

From simple websites to complex and extensive platforms, you've come to the right place at Perplex. We are specialists in complete technical realizations. We develop user-friendly, smart websites, enterprise/multi-site platforms, mining environments, service portals, tools and applications. Integrated with your internal or third-party systems. And of course according to the latest requirements in the field of security and privacy. We combine the focus on the end user, marketing-oriented thinking and our Microsoft certified programmers. Success guaranteed.

We work with partial deliveries or sprints

We prefer to divide the technical realization into several deliveries. This way we still have room during the realization to include or adjust changed insights. After all, we arrive at the best end result together. Scrum is a widely used project methodology. After every few weeks (sprint), an intermediate product is delivered and presented. This intermediate can even be tested by the target group. After the necessary intermediate products have been realised, the website is ready to go live.

We connect with all (digital) systems

Characteristic of our applications is that they are often integrated with existing (information) systems. Data is collected in many different environments, but this fragmented approach does not always provide added value. By linking systems to the website, data can be merged and thus provide relevant insights. And they then make it possible to present the right information to the right target group at the right time.

We have experience with various APIs and web services, including Sofico Miles (leasing & financing), Hogia Bookit, Google, Copernica, LinkedIn, TicketLab, Ogone/Ingenico, Azure Active Directory, SAP, various PIM systems, iProfiles, AFAS and SalesForce. Is there no API or web service available yet, but does it need to be linked? No problem. We support the realization so that the link can still be made.

Using reliable techniques is a must

Serious applications require experienced programmers and reliable techniques. That is why all our programmers are Microsoft certified and we develop on the Microsoft .NET framework. We use Umbraco as a content management system and use the (technical) standards that are customary or self-evident in our industry.

Security & privacy

Personal data is gold. We therefore consider it our task to handle data responsibly and to ensure a safe and protected environment. Perplex is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. We guarantee that our services and information security meet the highest requirements. Websites and platforms developed by Perplex run (obviously) within an https environment. The configuration of this connection and the associated certificate also meet the highest requirements.


We work together with a partner for hosting websites, platforms and applications, so that we can guarantee the necessary quality and security in this area as well. Our partner KPN Internedservices has a triple ISO certification (ISO 20000, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001). They also have ISAE-3402 type II accreditation and PCI-DSS and ISO 14001 certification. All KPN Internedservices servers are located in the Netherlands.

Total customer experience

All expressions, both online and offline, must appeal to the target group and must match the (brand) values ​​of the organization. By providing insight into all contact moments, measuring appreciation and specifically aiming for improvement, you work towards Total Experience; brand experience at its best, based on customer and employee appreciation.

Total Experience Model

We use our Total Experience Model for this, which shows customer journey, touchpoints and key moments at a glance, supplemented with (real-time) insight into employee and customer appreciation. The model provides concrete tools for improving the customer journey, with customer appreciation as the most important indicator.

Read more about our Total Experience Model


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