From Operational excellence to Customer excellence

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Anique Kampschreur Project manager

Partner & director

Arriva has teamed up with Perplex. Together we are developing the new platform according to the latest wishes of Arriva and its target groups. In addition, Arriva wishes to make the transition from Operational excellence to Customer excellence. A transition that we more than encourage; the customer really comes first!

Traveler Profiles

With over 500,000 travelers per day, we can say that there are many different traveler profiles. It is virtually impossible to put all travelers in one box and it is therefore inconceivable that 1 static website fits all these traveler profiles. We get to know the travelers and their needs and match these with Arriva's services and services.

The customer experience

The Total Experience Model helps Arriva to map out the various customer journeys and the current customer experience. From the 0-measurement, we focus specifically on contact moments in the customer journey that need to be improved. The dashboard provides insight; if we turn the knobs, does this have a positive impact on travelers' experiences? Do the low(er) scores go up and do the high score(s) stay on level? We periodically speak to travelers to continue testing the scores, experiences and ratings.

Working together on improvement

This does not only apply to the customer experience, but also to the (potential) employees of Arriva. We are developing an inspiring and inviting website, which is completely devoted to the driving forces behind the carrier. Because together we make the promise "a good journey for everyone"!

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Arriva employs 5,500 enthusiastic employees who are ready day in and day out to offer travelers a good journey
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