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Customer experience as a starting point

We use the experiences of your customer as a decisive factor

Price, product and quality are no longer distinctive enough. Now that products and services are increasingly similar, customer experience is one of the few remaining options for creating distinctiveness. In the search for loyal customers, organizations are increasingly demanding. How do you create brand and product preference? How do you ensure that you touch the head (ratio) and the heart (feeling) of your customer? Let's get started.

The question behind the question

But it doesn't stop at customer experience. Due to a large wave of technological developments, people are becoming increasingly adept at finding information. People are more informed than ever and have a growing need to solve cases themselves. This ensures that the questions that require a personal approach grow in complexity and number. As an organisation, this means that you really have to understand your customer and the question. And you need employees who can look beyond the initial question.

We go for brand experience at its best

Successful brands offer something unique, with which they respond to the right need at the right time. They keep their promises, are consistent in behavior and approach and know how to bind customers. And exactly there, at the interface between a distinct brand, a relevant product or service and a target group with a need, you will find the Total Experience; the ultimate customer experience.

Total Experience is not a simple trick, not a matter of turning a slider 'on' or 'off'. To really attrack and keep your customers, you need to know what you stand for as an organization, are your employees and all expressions aware of this, do you keep your promises and do you respond to the needs of your target group. Not an easy job, but a valuable approach! Moving towards Total Experience is a long-term strategy aimed at improving the total experience with an organization, from the employee to the customer and the potential customer. To achieve this, you don't just focus on customers, it also means providing the right tools for employees.

Total Experience Model

Our Total Experience Model helps to set up and execute this strategy. The model provides insight into the value and impact of all touchpoints (contact moments) in the customer journeys (customer journeys), after which focus can be placed on improving the key moments (moments of truth) within this journey. Appreciation for contact moments is not only collected from customers, but also from employees. Only in this way can the experience of such a moment be really assessed, because both the experience of customers and that of employees count.

The Total Experience approach does not involve optimizing one specific point in a customer journey, but it often starts there. After it is clear which contact moments need or can be improved, we make an optimization plan and get to work. We use customer and employee appreciation as a yardstick and we continue to question this periodically to make sure that what we do has the right effect. We optimize and measure continuously and adjust where necessary.

Mapped all contact moments

What is needed to optimize one or more contact moments is diverse. Think, for example, of creating a customer portal, adding personalized content to a website, developing an internal dashboard for status updates/current information, linking a CRM system to the website or controlling a parking kiosk with personalized data. It is also possible that the solution to be developed does not fall within our specialism. Even then, we remain closely involved in the realization, to ensure that the solution fits within the strategy.

The Total Experience Model also provides insight into whether the current customer journey is complete. The analysis of customer or employee feedback may show that an additional touchpoint is required. Together we consider how this touchpoint should be designed and what impact this will have on the existing customer journey and the internal organization.

Total Experience Dashboard

All ingredients come together in the Total Experience Dashboard, where the 0 measurement (the valuation at the start) is entered and then the progress is tracked. New scores (in customer or employee rating) can be added to the dashboard at any time. Feedback or appreciation that is automatically retrieved can also be linked to the dashboard. The scores are compared with the optimization work that has been carried out, so that a grip is kept on the effect of optimizations. This way we know for sure that the time and attention goes to the places where the most impact is made.

Your own Total Experience Officer

A Total Experience Officer (TEO) is appointed from Perplex, who works together with your organization to continuously improve the Total Experience. TEO monitors progress and, together with the person responsible within your organization, ensures that the entire organization remains informed, the right employees are involved and it is clear what effect improving the Total Experience has.


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