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Umbraco is developing rapidly worldwide. Which is not strange for an open source Content Management System surpassing many paid versions. In the realization of your (multilingual) site, the Internet platform or intranet we use Umbraco CMS, HTML5 and Microsoft .NET. Our experienced internet marketers and programmers have received training in Copenhagen, from the actual software creators. Perplex is an Umbraco Certified Gold Partner.

What is Umbraco?

A very comprehensive, user-friendly, open source Content Management System. Umbraco has the flexibility to support sites from small and simple to large and complex. Globally, the CMS is used by more than 350,000 Websites, including Fortune 500 companies (such as Microsoft!) and some of the largest media sites in the world. With Umbraco, we developed extensive websites for organisations such as Mercedes-Benz, Specsavers, AZL, FNV and Gazelle.

What is a CMS?

The days only programmers were able to manage a website are already far behind us. With the advent of content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Sitecore, Drupal and Umbraco editors can actively manage the classification, forms and content on websites themselves. Based on predefined templates (by programmers) text, images and documents are added, altered and/or removed easily.

A relief for content managers and editors

Editors and content managers work with the CMS every day. Therefore, we set it up along with them. With the functionality you need and the logic they feel is user friendly. The Umbraco management-end is crisp and intuitive. Even without our user training, you will quickly gain familiarity with it.

Umbraco provides useful tools such as automatic tailoring and optimization of images. You simply drag an image to the page and Umbraco generates all the formats to be used on the site.

Reliable and flexible technical options

Umbraco is built as a layer on Microsoft .NET, where all the concepts Microsoft uses are being recycled. For example, the User and Member-authentication part works based on the .NET Membership Framework. This system is particularly flexible due to the capabilities of the Umbraco API combined with .NET. Our Umbraco certified programmers can extend the CMS indefinitely with additional functionality and link external systems such as CRM or ERP packages.

Umbraco only uses open standards, including XML, XSLT, Razor, MVC, HTML5 and CSS. Apart from this, the system is constantly being developed and maintained on a large scale, there are many plug-ins available, there is a lot of attention to safety and, next to Umbraco HQ, there is also a very active support group.

How much does Umbraco cost?

Using Umbraco is free. The CMS is an open source platform. Umbraco is developed and managed by Umbraco HQ in Denmark. In addition, the community of Umbraco developers has created additional functionality in the form of packages. These packages are sometimes paid, but usually free to use.

Umbraco HQ obtains revenue by offering training, specific hosting and support contracts for assistance with Umbraco. These services are mainly aimed at developers and agencies. Perplex, as an Umbraco Gold partner, provides this support to our clients.

Umbraco & customization?

While some content management platforms are difficult to customise to one’s own taste both on the "front-end" and at "back-end", with Umbraco this is perfectly possible. The system has a solid base set up for modular extension.

With help of packages developing simple websites is a quick and easy job. But for complex, multi-lingual web sites or multi-sites platform, Umbraco is a reliable solution from a single management environment too. Using the available APIs, data from external systems can also be employed within the CMS.

Umbraco experience platform

The right content and functionality for the right visitor is the key to a successful website. As a marketer or communication professional you will be set up with a user-friendly "construction kit" that allows you to build and manage a campaign page, response form or landing page yourself.

Not every visitor is looking for the same information. For example, depending on the stage of the customer journey other content may be more relevant. We are currently developing an addition to Umbraco which makes it possible for us to show your visitors more personalized content. For example, based on interactions with the site or information from previous visits.

Umbraco Gold partner

What we do, we do right! After we chose to be specialised in Umbraco we invested heavily in knowledge, development and training. The result of this is that we became one of Umbraco's Gold partners. We are actively contributing to Umbraco by thinking along, and developing various packages; this way we are actively working on our Perplex Mail package and our expansion for Umbraco Forms called "Umbraco Forms on Perplex Steroids". We are in direct contact with Umbraco HQ and cooperate for new functionality. Sometimes in a tangible way by suggestions for code, sometimes by proposing functionality for new versions.

Curious about what we do?

Examples of Umbraco sites

We mainly develop websites, and base them on Umbraco. All the cases on our website relate to websites that use this Content Management System.

The optimal online campaign and site

By using campaign pages and effective internet marketing, special attention is given to some bicycle sectors. Furthermore, to be able to conduct the optimal online campaign there was soon need for the development of a new Currently the site is supported structurally by a wide range of online marketing tools and we are working daily to provide an ever-stronger mix.

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Frequently asked questions about Umbraco?

Can I set up a multilingual website?

Yes, for each page you can select to keep a different language version or to publish a sub-website in another language. The latter has the advantage that the site's navigation may be different from another language version whereas all functionality for all language versions is available. Umbraco also offers a function to offer pages to translators for a translation.

How are user rights managed?

Administrators with appropriate rights can create users, set up permissions and manage groups. Rights can be linked to users and/or to groups. Users can have default permissions to access certain content or functionality. But rights management is possible at a great number of levels. User and member-authentication is based on the .NET Membership Framework.

Does Umbraco use version control?

Yes, Umbraco has an extensive "Rollback" feature. You can select a previous version and see what has been changed compared to the current version of the page. Umbraco retains a configurable number of previous versions of the page.

Can I see who has been working on pages?

Yes, Umbraco has an "Audit Trail" feature, in which logs are being kept which users were logged in and what they have done. That way it is possible to retrieve a lot of information afterwards, such as who modified or created what, and when they did it. This function may be switched off.

Learn more about Umbraco CMS?

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