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How do you transform a company that has been working with heart and soul for and with customers for 75 years into a scalable digital service organization? How do you apply that within the different divisions; infrastructure, demolition, waste, recycling and plastics? This with a clear growth target in which Van Werven's identity and quality must be preserved. Van Werven's employees are proud of what they do and customers are happy with Van Werven. And it should stay that way.

  • Customer appreciation 8,3 to be proud of!

Working on sustainable infrastructure, recycling and fertile soil

Van Werven is a versatile service provider in the field of infrastructure & recycling. For more than 75 years, the family business has been working with its customers on real solutions for simple and complex issues. Then they act on the basis of the core values ​​being enterprising, decisive, helpful, involved and pure. Characteristics that customers also experience in the collaboration. How do we know? We asked them ourselves!

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Change is only possible if you know where you stand and where you want to go
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Building an even better customer experience

We guide, facilitate and monitor the digital transformation together with Van Werven. Customer journeys with associated contact moments have been mapped out, Van Werven employees have moved into the customer's experience and customers have shared their experiences with us. Sufficient ammunition to continue building on an even better customer experience. How are we going to do that? Using digitization where it adds something, with the aim of relieving employees and creating space for more personal contact. Because the people make the difference, not the systems.

Total Experience Model.

We use the Total Experience Model to monitor and continue to test customer appreciation. The dashboard ensures that we improve in a structured, substantiated and controlled manner. The customer is always central, but we do not lose sight of the employee.

For example, we are currently working on the realization of a customer portal, in which customers manage and control simple orders themselves. The portal is linked to Van Werven's internal systems, which means that orders are sent directly to the right place. No more unnecessary actions from customers and employees and still in keeping with Van Werven's core values.

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