Enterprise-/ multi-sites platform

By publishing all your websites from a single base system, you can process your online strategy more manageable and cost-effective. Functionality, content and data are centrally managed in one content management system. Technology is shared, but each website can have its own look, content and functionality.

What is a multi-sites platform?

Just imagine: you are responsible for the online communication of 15 elementary schools, seven national organizations or 42 pension funds. Each of these organizations has its own website, often with its own CMS and sometimes even from different suppliers. Because they are all separate sites, each adjustment is labour intensive. Customizing content must happen site to site. And updating technology and functionality must be implemented site to site. This can be done much more efficiently using a multi-sites platform and enterprise CMS.

All websites from a single Enterprise CMS

An Internet platform can be a solution. The platform turns into a kind of "construction kit", containing reusable functionality, content and layout elements. Everything is housed in one Enterprise CMS. From this CMS, all new websites are published and existing websites are maintained.

In terms of design, sites within the platform can be completely unique. Also, each site can use its own domain name. Each site may use different functionalities as desired and become unique. But the good thing is that these functionalities (for instance a news module) are only listed in one place in the CMS technically. If we adapt this module for you, all sites are automatically up-to-date again.

Content Management Systeem Umbraco

The platform is developed based on the CMS Umbraco. A very comprehensive, user-friendly, open source content management system. Umbraco is based on the Microsoft .Net platform. Contrary to what is sometimes thought, the system is perfectly suited for publishing large sites.

Umbraco is a relief for editors and programmers. Through APIs it is easy to integrate external systems. And caching ensures speed, even if the site receives hundreds of thousands of visitors. Umbraco has the flexibility to support sites from small and simple to large and highly complex. 

How we do this? Marketing and technology hand-in-hand

Setting up a platform for all sites of your organization is a fairly complex task. Because multiple websites are published from the system, analysis and preparation are crucial. How do your target audiences use the website? What are they looking for? What are the goals of the different sites in the short and longer term? What other systems are the websites linked with? We help you to analyse the situation, come up with specific workable advice and work with you to plan, schedule and budget. Expect no unnecessarily thick reports, but count on us to be thinking doers who take the lead from their experience and their creativity.

Your own experienced and dedicated team

Within Perplex we work in multidisciplinary self-managing teams that integrate thinking and acting. Even after delivery the Perplex staff developing the application with you take care for support, maintenance and new releases. This is to ensure that working together really means together. And we secure all knowledge and experience gained in the development of the project.

Do you want to meet us?

We wonder how we can help you. Would you like to see examples of the platforms we have developed? Or do you want more information about Umbraco CMS as an enterprise? Come visit us, in the heart of Arnhem. Do you prefer calling? Of course, this is possible too!

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