User-Friendly Websites

What would you think of your "own team" of experienced specialists, who will help you develop a distinctive, user-friendly, results-oriented website step-by-step?

With Perplex you will work with a dedicated team. A clever mix of internet marketers, web designers, programmers, editors and online specialists you will get to know well. Even after completion this team will continue to think along with you, help you implement the entire online strategy and make it a success.

The three-second rule...

In a matter of seconds, visitors determine whether they stay on your website. The better content and experience meet their expectations, the greater the chance of success. Therefore, for each track we take our time in understanding the target audience and stakeholders of the site. What are their online expectations, motivations and habits? What are the devices they use? What role does the online environment play in the various stages of their customer journey? Together with you, we will translate insights and objectives of the website we have acquired into a sophisticated content plan, using brainstorming sessions and workshops.

Our web designers develop wireframes, a creative concept, seductive HTML5 pages and easy navigation, while giving shape to the content. They are not doing this on their own but together with your and our internet marketers.

Seductive web design

Conception and design of the website are possibly the best phases of the project. Everything we have worked out together becomes visible. All thoughts and plans become tangible. But ultimately, it's not about the creative work but the experience as a whole. And a logical navigation and page structure. Visitors want to be inspired, but they also want to find or do what they are looking for quickly and easily. At any time, on any device, at any relevant media. 

Reliable technical realization

Where to find programmers who are super technical, but still manage to understand you as a marketer? Who understand that "it's working, isn't it?" is not the same as a user-friendly website? We can supply them...

We train our technical team in marketing sessions too, and engage them in usability testing. For us, technology must be in the service of the end user. It just has to work, no matter how complex it is.

Content makes the difference

From an early stage, we work with content scheduling. We prefer to help you create all text, images, animations, videos and interactive elements, and design all web pages.

But even after delivery, we can help you with editing. In advance, we will agree upon what is done by whom and assist you in those moments you are too busy with other matters. The choice is yours.

To scrum or not to scrum

We prefer to carry out the development of your website in several parts. This way, we can make adjustments during the course of the process and achieve the best end results. A commonly used project methodology is called Scrum, where we work with Sprints of triweekly plans. After every third week, a concrete intermediate product is delivered which can be tested. 

Complex custom work no problem

Perplex is specialized in large-scale and more complex web sites. Our technical specialists are all Microsoft certified. We develop based on the Microsoft .NET framework within the Umbraco content management system. We host in an ISO 27001 certified Dutch cloud, take security very seriously and our programming is based on standards common in our industry, such as MVC.

Not a project but a partnership

Even after delivery, we continue to cooperate actively. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating! We interpret Google Analytics, provide support, help with your desired internet marketing and content creation and help further improve the site.

At Perplex we have our own usability lab where we can perform eye tracking research. This way it makes it easier for us to interpret profile cases we discover using Google Analytics, for example. Step-by-step we work together towards an (even) better site.

Shall we meet?

We wonder how we can help you. Come visit us, in the heart of Arnhem. Do you prefer calling? Of course, this is possible too!

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