Powerful employer branding through storytelling

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Lyan van Straten Content specialist

Zorgcentra De Betuwe is a contemporary and slightly stubborn organization for elderly care. With a team of passionate and proud employees, they are available day and night for the residents. But how do you attract new talent to keep that strong team? And how do you distinguish yourself in a tight labor market? It all starts with a powerful employer branding!

  • Visited pages +25%
  • Returning visitors +14%

The DNA of the organization

The core values ​​of the organization and motivations of the employees are the beating heart of Care Centers De Betuwe. Elderly care is beautiful and rewarding work, which must be tangible in every form of internal and external communication. How? Through storytelling concepts such as core values, mission, vision and identity come to life. The story becomes tangible in the organization.

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Storytelling creates connection, inspires and enthuses
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Tell me a story…

Storytelling is telling credible stories that creates emotional involvement with the audience. Real stories from employees, those are the stories that stick. They connect, inspire and enthuse. Together with the employees of Zorgcentra De Betuwe, we have been able to translate unique values ​​into a series of videos in which their love for the profession and the residents splashes off the screen.

At the right time in the right place

With the right support from online channels and resources, the videos are shown where the target group is located. Increasing online reach and engagement has been initiated by means of a well-considered marketing strategy. And with success! The employee stories and videos led to almost 20% more website visitors, with users staying longer on the website and visiting almost 25% more pages. In addition, the share of returning visitors has increased by 14% and there were almost 15% more users with an above-average visitor quality of at least 3 minutes on the website and at least 3 pages visited.


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